Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter is here!

Yes winter is here, even if the calendar doesn't agree quite's here!

Cold and snow have raged continuously for the month of December, piling up impressive numbers, at least for us out here in Western New York. Temperatures struggle to get into the 20's when we are supposed to be in the 30's. And we are now just over 40" inches of snow for the month of December, and we are only at the half way point - the December record for Rochester, NY is 48" inches. I think it it relatively safe to say that it will be broken this year!

The fishing has changed as well, and small tributaries are now beginning to freeze up, making tributary fishing for giant lake run trout a little on the difficult side for this angler. So I now must concentrate my time on fishing inland streams that are close, and still open to fishing.

But in the midst of this crazy change in weather, I did sneak out for some fishing here and there, and even found a few trout that were willing to take a fly - both of the inland and lake run variety.

Maybe this would be a good time to challenge some of my other fly fishing friends to pick up their fly rod and brave the elements to pursue trout in below freezing temperatures. We could be a part of a club, a club in which the only requirement is to catch a fish (yes just one fish will do) in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or if your not from the US, 0 degrees Celsius....either's cold. And even though the requirement will only be one fish landed, more fish in the net will only enhance your status. Other things that can enhance your status would include; frost bite, falling in, hiking in a mile or so in waist deep snow, fending off starved wild animals, reaching into the water to dislodge a snagged fly, etc.....I think you get the idea. But you still must catch a fish to get the bonus points. Falling in and fishing for the next two hours is great, but it means nothing if you can't get a fish to the net.

All we need now is name for this little club...any suggestions?