Monday, November 7, 2011

October & WNY Lake Run Giants

I have been way too busy to keep this blog updated like I would want over the past month or so. But I did start the fall by blogging about fly fishing WNY tributaries and how the season could be broken up into three separate parts. And I made sure to put as much info as I could into the first segment.

I am happy to report that I have finished the remaining two segments weeks ago, but like I said - I have been way too busy to post - so I will have to redirect you to for the second and third parts, as I would much rather post some pics from this fall.

Fishing for lake run trout and salmon can be at times very frustrating. Some days you can often see many giant salmon, up to 30lbs., holding just feet from where you stand unwilling to take a fly. But then, on the very next day, they become more aggressive and will take that same fly they refused just the day before.

Even the trout can get picky, especially when they are being bullied by salmon and or fishermen on a constant basis. But I refuse to complain! I really have it good here in WNY. And even if I end up landing just one or two trout in a day, that average a good seven pounds, it is still better than most have it. So I take full advantage of the amazing fishery we have, when I can. And I do it with those who would have me as a fly fishing companion, even if for only an hour. And I take it all in before it is gone.

So here are just a few photos from this far!