Monday, July 8, 2013

WNY Warm water fly fishing

Black Creek Smallmouth

Summer fishing has been great this year, even with all the rain we’ve had. 

The high water gives us fly anglers an opportunity to brush up on some different techniques that we normally would not have a lot of opportunity to practice – such as tossing big streamers.

These conditions also force us to fish different water, especially when streams become way too high and dirty to fish. 

Black Creek carp caught on my JP Ross 7 foot 2 weight Beaver Meadow fly rod
Warm water fly fishing provides us these opportunities and they have fished very well for us this year. 

Plenty of bass, carp and panfish have provided hours of enjoyment, and when you live so close to many great warm water fisheries, there really is no excuse not to get out there and enjoy an hour or two.

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Cruising carp

Here are a few photos from some of the great warm water adventures we have had so far this summer…..enjoy!