Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Irondequoit creek revisited

Okay so this will be a shorter blog than my usual lengthy rant.

I came across the opportunity to fish Irondequoit creek at Linear Park again last week for about an hour. It was in the afternoon. And fortunately for me the fish responded well to a #12 stimulator in summer flow conditions. And to be completely honest, I don't think it mattered what I had on, as long as it floated!

My first cast was.....well it wasn't really a cast. I pretty much stripped out some line and dropped the fly in the water. And as the fly floated downstream in a good moving riffle, I fed line through the guides. And to my surprise, a small trout came to the surface and crashed the fly. Of course I missed the fish. But on the next pass, when my fly got ambushed again, I was fast on the trigger and I landed the first fish of the afternoon. A small rainbow trout.

I then positioned myself below the run and began casting upstream to every fishy looking place I could get to. And almost every little spot held a rainbow that couldn't resist the stimulator.

This went on for a little while until I exhausted the fish at this section of Irondequoit. So I moved upstream picking away at the fish as I went. Soon I was at a place called the "bend pool." This place is a favorite for all fisherman during the fall and spring for lake run trout and salmon. But today it was occupied by a few swimmers.

Just above the pool is a section of faster water that will often hold fish depending on water conditions. Today it looked good. But after picking it apart, and having no fish to show for it, I moved on. At the head of this run on the opposite side of the stream there was a small piece of pocket water that looked good. My first cast brought a splashy rise and a missed fish. My second cast brought a nice brown trout to hand.

The only other trout I saw in the last 10 minutes I had on the stream was a dead brown trout of at least 16". It was a little sad to see such a wonderful fish wasted. But it is apart of fishing. Sometimes we forget how fragile our natural resources can be.

On a positive note - The fall salmon, steelhead and brown trout season will be hear soon!


bruscio said...

Great stuff Brian. Looked at your pics too, very nice work. Hopefully will see you out fishing sometime either on Oatka or the tribs.

Brian Ruscio

bfly said...

Thanks for visiting the site Brian. And I hope I see you out there as well...that means I'm fishing!! ha

Fishpainter said...

That's great that you can go out with your son. And better still that you stuck it out until you enticed the the beast to hit. Most of what works is what we know. I'm sure if you have had as much success with a #22 Trico as you have with flash backs, you would be using them more. Knowing what to tie on at what time of the day will optimize your fishing time and catch. I realized yesterday while fishing a new stream that my old tactics just simply won't do. My goal for the next few outings is to try to observe and develop new methods for wet and dry fly fishing. I hope to learn more about the streams I fish and gain insight to what works best in the summer months.