Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Luke gets published!

Some good news to report. The latest fall/winter issue of The Drake magazine is out. And I am happy to report that Luke has many of his photos published in several places within it's pages.

If you are not familiar with The Drake magazine, perhaps you should take a look. It is not your average fly fishing magazine. No! It takes a step outside that path. It thrives on giving the reader more than the standard "how to" and "where to go" articles. It's pages are filled with essays and little sections called "scuddlebutt" and "tippets." It also provides some fantastic full page photos for the reader to enjoy as well. It is a nice departure from the standard fly fishing magazine. Not that those other magazines aren't great. They are! And we need them to offer us suggestions and new ideas from fly patterns to technique. I'm just glad that there is something a little different out there. You can find it around here in the Rochester area at Gander Mountain and at Barnes and Noble.

Now to Luke's story - This has been a great year for Luke. Since his decision to start sending photos to all kinds of fly fishing photo competitions and fly fishing publications, he has won some very nice prizes. And if he keeps it up he will no doubt continue to win and be published in more and more venues. It has been about a year since he has made that fateful decision to bring his photography in to focus. And things are looking pretty clear for Luke right now.

If you are interested in checking out his other winning shots check out the fetha styx website and the Living proof designs website.

I have known Luke for a little while now, and it has been great to be apart of his wonderful journey. Keep up the great work. And lets all get together and go fishing!


Luke C Photo said...

Thanks man.. Honored you would post this... Wouldn't even know how to catch fish, or tie a real fish catching fly without ya!

Fishpainter said...

Nicely written blog. I hope you posted it on JP Ross.
I can't wait to get the mag.