Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Fish and Flies

With the new year now here, I have been thinking it might be time to put up a blog. I know, "it's about time!" But like I said before, I have been trying to cut back a little from my own personal blog so I can devote more time to the www.jprossflyrods.com web site. Besides it gets awfully busy around here during the holiday season....yikes!!!

December was a great month filled with more family and friends than anything else. And it was great to see everyone, even if it was for a short little while. But I am starting to get that feeling - you know the one where you wake up at night in a cold sweat yelling FISH ON!!! at the top of your lungs. Okay - maybe you don't know. But if you know me, that's not out of the realm of possibility. I'm starting to think that the risk of almost certain frost bite while fishing in weather like this is worth it. I mean I endured it last year, how bad could it be a second time around?

December was not completely void of fishing or fish for that matter. I did get out for an hour on December 7th at one of my favorite Western New York tributaries. And even though it was cold, I did manage to hook up with two fish and land one very bright female steelhead of about 5lbs. Happy Birthday to me!!! Other than that morning, I have been in a terrible drought. And as my Dad used to say on Christmas when one of us kids would open all of our presents in a sugar induced frenzy, and then have to sit back and wait as everyone else got to enjoy the rest of their gifts.....wait for it......"You'll just have to sit there and suck wind!" So that's what I've been doing at least on the fishing end of things.

As for other fly fishing things - I have been spending some time at the vise. And that means filling in some holes in the fly boxes and trying out some new things for my next adventure. I'll post some photos here of those flies, but you can find the recipe for these flies at the jprossflyrods site. So enjoy and make sure to get out there if and when you can. I know spring creek is always open and so is Oatka and Irondequoit creek too! Trout have to eat even in winter, we just need to take advantage.

Happy New Year!!!!

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