Monday, March 1, 2010

February, Spring Creek and the Midge!!

I know it's kind of a strange title, but I couldn't think of a better one, and it fits with what I am about to report!

February has been the month to fish a midge pattern at Spring Creek...Period! No other fly has produced as many trout as the midge. And more specifically the "#16 red worm." In fact, just last week the red worm has been responsible for putting close to 25 trout in my net in just about 2.5 hours of fishing. That's just ridiculous, and a hole lot of fun!

The fish haven't been huge, but when you can hardly keep your fly in the water without getting bit, who cares? Plenty of fish in the 10-12" inch range with a few that were 13" to 14" is about right. We also have been getting the occasional 5" fingerling thrown in for good measure.

But now that it's March, we need to look for the impending midge hatch! And it has been really starting off with a bang. Just this past weekend Lucas and his friend Andy fished Spring Creek and did very well. In fact a small midge dry fly was responsible for a few trout in the net for Luke. Check his blog and flickr page for more photos from his adventure!

This morning I saw hundreds of midges on the many rocks that line Spring Creek and I was very pleased to see that many fish had started to look up in the water column to feed. I saw plenty of fish bulging under the surface today and a few dorsal to tail rises. And I even saw a few fish taking adults right on top.....very exciting stuff!!! I was even more pleased when I was able to take a few trout fishing a #20 midge emerger. The trout I fooled, were working a section of creek that bordered a nice run, just on the opposite side of some submerged logs. It was here that I also hooked a rather large brown trout before I had to leave. And on the hook set, the fish came 2 feet out of the water and then came down in between two submerged logs. With another hard pull from the fish, he broke free, taking my fly and tippet with him. It was the biggest fish I had hooked at Spring creek this year, and all on the 2 weight!

So before the tributaries start to break free from the ice, I will try and make it out to Spring Creek for more trout. And I will be carrying a box full of midges with me.

On another note - I will be heading out to Utica, NY for the 2010 Central NY Fly Tying Symposium this weekend. You can check out all the details at and even get directions too. And maybe I'll see you there. If not........

......I'll see you on the stream!!


MIKE said...

Glad to see you like your 2 weight. I'm thinking of building one in the next few months and figured that water would be a great place to use it (when not out annoying bluegill at the local pond)

Bigerrfish said...

looks like a ton of fun.. have fun at the 2010 Central NY Fly Tying Symposium Brian and hang the fish before, and soon after it..