Saturday, February 26, 2011

Father daughter fly fishing trip

This past week I had the chance to fulfill my daughters wish and make good on a promise to take her fishing. And although the temperature hovered in the mid-30's, she still wanted to go for it, and boy did we!

Our objective for the afternoon was to get into a few lake run steelhead or drop back browns. Conditions proved to be a little difficult, especially when slush drifted past us all morning. But we prevailed and found a few willing fish to take a fly. Katie had a lot of fun fighting, landing, netting and releasing several nice brown trout before the cold got to her - a problem that was solved with a stop at the corner gas station for snacks!

All in all it was an amazing few hour of fishing with my daughter. I can't wait till next time!


Brian said...

That's awesome! We've got a ton of customers that bulk at the chance to fish during these months!

I can't wait to get my son out on the stream. He's about 3 weeks old I've got a little while still.

bfly said...

Brian - Thanks for the visit! And I love fishing during the winter months because of the reduced traffic. And your son will love it!! Most importantly, he will be with his Dad! And that makes all the difference!


Oh my...this was the best post of the last couple of weeks that I have read! She is awesome!! How fun is that...Nice getting out and enjoying time together. :) Ok...I'm ready to find some chrome now!! Or Brownies, doesn't matter!

bfly said...

RD - I'm glad you enjoyed the post! And I am happy to report that this is just the start our spring tributary fishing. Things should get even better in the next few weeks!!

Dustin's Fly Box said...

That was awesome! Glad you can be so close to your daughter! Great blog! You got a new follower

Michael ( said...

I'm in the process of publishing a book of father daughter images and life lessons for dads (similar to my blog, and I found these pictures of yours while searching for pictures of dads fishing with their daughters.

Would you be willing to let me include one of the pictures from this post of you daughter fishing in the book? In exchange for allowing one of your images to be used, you'd receive written credit in the book and a free copy once it's published.

Please let me know if you'd be willing to let one of your pictures be included.

If this is something you'd be willing to do, will you email me at michael @ lifetoheryears DOT com? I look forward to hearing from you.


bfly said...

Thanks for the visit Michael! It would be my pleasure to offer you the use of one of my photos. You can e-mail me with info at if you like.
I have also sent an e-mail your way as well with this same info.....thanks again!

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