Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making lemonade!

Our record breaking rainfall continues, and we struggle to find good water to fish. If we are lucky, we find a window in between all the rain to fish your local WNY stream or travel to find better conditions. But it doesn't last long!!

The bugs have made their appearance, but the trout can't take advantage of all the emerging insects and returning spinners because of the raging muddy water. So when you do get out to your favorite inland WNY trout stream, you throw streamers or drift nymphs along the bottom. And we have caught plenty of fish over the past month and a half, but we are still waiting for good dry fly conditions....well to be honest, at this point I think we will take any dry fly conditions!

So again we make due with another local inland small stream that always runs cool and clear even with all the rain. And the trout remain in much the same condition all year round. The only trick here is to make constant adjustments until you find the right fly. It is a constant challenge, but it is a challenge we take great joy in every time we fish this stream.

So with that said....we fished our little small stream last week amidst all the rain and found many willing trout. Most were taken on small scuds. But the occasional trout would take a small woolly bugger or small midge larvae. And if we are really lucky, a strong north breeze will blow enough spinners onto the stream from the nearby creek that it empties into, making for a little dry fly action.

In the next week or so, we should start to see some sulphers popping on this particular stream. An event that should ease the pain of a horrible dry fly spring season. The only problem with all of this, is every other fly fishermen will also be here if the other surrounding streams can't get back into shape. So we must take the fishing as it comes and make the best out of it...right? I mean we really don't really have a choice. All we can do is make some lemonade!

I have also been out fishing with the kids recently, and when I get the photos ready I will post that story in the next few days...along with a look at Jonathan's new JP Ross fly rod!

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