Monday, March 11, 2013

Fishing with Dad!

Here is a photo of my Dad swinging a big old streamer, trying to temp a big lake run fish to take a streamer.
This is not a blog about me fishing with one of the kids, rather it is about fishing with my Dad.

He has never been a fisherman. But he has been an outdoorsman all his life, at least I consider him to be so.

He has always involved me and my brother and sister with hiking and camping throughout our young lives. And we have enjoyed some great times together as a family scouring the High peaks and beyond of the Adirondacks - This also included winter camping and skiing.

Even though it was tough for them (my parents) to gather all of us together and get us to participate in these camping trips, it was worth all the effort, I am very glad they did. It is where I learned survival skills, how to make a fire, hanging the food away from camp so the bears won't get into it - and us, sleeping under a tarp, hiking for miles when you don't know the destination, etc....the list goes on and on! The point is he did what he needed to do to make us prepared for camping and hiking anywhere!

I was always a fisherman first, everything else was second. In fact I used to get teased for it by my family, but I didn't even care because I loved the sport so much.

Now....years later we go together fishing when we can, and this past Thursday we had the opportunity to do so.

Our outing was at a local WNY tributary in search of lake run trout, big lake run trout.

The water was perfect, if not a bit cold - just above freezing - and it had great color. These are the kind of conditions you want. The kind of conditions you pray for!

We spent a few hours throwing big streamers, and even a little time dead drifting an egg, but no fish came to hand. In fact no fish were seen or even felt on this day. And everyone we ran into on the stream had the same story to fish to show for their effort.

But no fish to show for our efforts does not make it a bad day. In fact I had a lot of fun working several different runs with my Dad. We would set up with him at the point swinging a streamer, then I would follow behind swinging something different, sharing the stream, hoping for a pull from a fish. I really have a desire for me to be there when he hooks his first tributary fish while swinging a fly and put a net under it, but I will take any time I have with him. And I know that at some time it will happen the way I see it in my mind.....And I will rejoice!

I always say that we learn more from when we fail than when we succeed, and I stand by that. Especially when it comes to fly fishing - Remember it’s not always what you bring to the stream that will make your day success, but what you take away from it.

I'll see you out on the stream.....

Brian Bradfield

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Bernita Sloan said...

One of the things my dad and I love doing is fishing. He actually wants to pass on the love for the sport to me and my sister. Well, we have always enjoyed it even when we don't catch any. The bond we share while we're at it is what's more important. And I can see that this is the case with you as well. I'm excited for the day when your dad will get his first fish and how you'd be happy for him. See you on the stream, Brian! Bernita Sloan