Monday, May 13, 2013

Fishing Oatka with Lucas Carroll

Lucas Carroll ties up in the morning light
Every once in a while you get that rare opportunity to spend some quality time with people you haven’t seen in a while doing some of the things you are both equally passionate for.

In my case it was fly fishing with my good friend LucasCarroll.

Lucas is one of those guys that you could sit around and talk with for hours and not realize it’s been hours. He also has a passion for fly fishing and fly tying which is one of the reasons that it probably never seems like we really ever spend that much time on the phone when we talk. Ideas on fly tying, techniques, hatches, bugs, timing the run, fish, etc, fly around the room like a super hatch just popped off the water. And even though it may seem chaotic at best to those who would be outside looking in on a conversation like this, it actually has a purpose – A purpose that is only fully realized when we are on the stream.

A recent trip back East from his newly planted roots in California not only gave us an opportunity to share in some great conversation and ideas, but even better, put them good use on the stream.

A golden wild brown nymphed up from the depths
We met up a little after nine, rigged up, and made the walk in to one of our favorite spots on one of our favorite WNY streams - Oatka creek. We talked about the recent fishing conditions, our families, and what was next for him on his upstate New York tour. The water was at around 2.8 on the gauge and we could see a few bugs coming off and even more starting to swarm just above the water – female Hendrickson spinners.

Lucas with his first of the day
Who needs a net when you have the hands of Lucas Carroll
As we watched and waited for the trout to respond we played around with some streamers and a few dry flies. And as time wore on, we began to lose out hope for an opportunity to fish the hatch/spinner fall. The bugs stopped and the fish never responded.

So we pulled out our plan “B” and went with it for the rest of the morning.

Another wild brown for Lucas
This fish was a blast to catch on the 2 weight
When all was said and done that day, Lucas had remembered how to fish small nymphs, we got to take some great photos of some gorgeous inland wild brown trout, and most importantly we spent time taking it all in while thanking God for all the wonderful opportunities we have in life.

Make sure to check out Lucas Carroll’s wonderful photographywebsite. He should have some amazing photos coming soon from his trip to WNY.

Safe travels Lucas……see you on the stream!


Jeffrey Eugenio said...

The golden wild brown color of this fish looks so cool. Just like the color of the mahi mahi. Been catching big sizes of those in Gamefishing Vanuatu. Now I'm excited to try anothe fishing adventure.

bfly said...

Thanks for the visit Jeffrey! And those fish in Vanuatu are amazing....someday soon I would love to do more saltwater fishing.