Friday, September 26, 2014

Early fall fly fishing on Oatka

Mid-September on Oatka

Before all the lake run salmon and trout really get going, I decided to get out one last time to my favorite trout stream – Oatka Creek.

Early fall fishing on Oatka can be amazing. Not only is there some fall color starting to show itself, but I often have the stream and the trout all to myself, and some pretty nice trout at that!

One of the best ways to put fish in the net during this time is dead drifting small midge patterns, especially in low clear water like I had on that afternoon.

I started with a #16 PT nymph pattern, and when that didn’t produce I switched it up and tied on a #18 red worm pattern as my point fly with a smaller #20 zebra midge as the dropper.

A two fly rig can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, but the payoff can be more than worth it. And fishing this rig can often be the big difference maker for the day.
Smallest of the day. Caught on #20 zebra midge.

Several casts later I was into my first Oatka brown of the day. Not a big fish mind you, but at least I was on the board. Every fish from then on was a bonus, and I didn’t stop working the pool until I was joined by my friend Curtis. He took over and quickly landed his first fish – A gorgeous fifteen inch wild Oatka brown.

I only landed one more fish before I had to leave, but by then Curtis was well on his way to taking control of the situation, and later verified it by a few photos.

Oatka gold
I may not get back to Oatka for a while, but after a great afternoon of fishing like the one I had, it should make the wait bearable. 

We don’t always get the opportunity to get out and fish when we want, and when we do, the fishing isn’t always great. So as always, I make the most out of every chance I get and am thankful for it.
Another golden brownie caught on the #18 red worm pattern

#18 red worm strikes again

A beautiful brown landed with the help of my JP Ross 4 weight and a #20 zebra midge

Curtis with his nice 15" brown

A #18 red worm pattern was the fly of the afternoon

See you on the stream.

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