Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter Fly FIshing - Inland trout 2015

Leif tying up a new offering while fly fishing the Oatka

Winter has certainly made a home here in WNY.

With prolonged spells of arctic air that never seem to moderate, we are now beginning to suffer from the effects of cabin fever. An ailment that seems to run long and hard this time of year.

Colored up Spring Creek brown
Weather windows seem to be few and far between, but when they do happen, its cause for great celebration. A little over a week ago I found some time to take full advantage of one of those windows and am so glad that I did. Maybe. Just maybe, that little bit of opportunity to get out and do a little fly fishing will hold me over until things start to thaw out a little…..maybe?

With daytime temperatures that worked their way to just above the freezing point, we made every bit of the time we had on the stream count. 

Fishing was not easy, and fish didn’t find the net with any measurable regularity, just enough to make the day a success.

All fish came by way of small midges dead drifted under an indicator. And even though I tried a streamer for a while, it only produced a few pulls and nothing else.

I was joined by a new friend – Leif Mermagen of StreamwalkerNets

A fine example of Leif's craftsmanship - Streamwalker inland series net.
Before we headed down to the stream I had the chance to check out some of his beautiful hand crafted landing nets. And as he showed off his work, he told me about the different models that were available, the custom work that he was doing for a client and his passion for fly fishing. I find it truly amazing that we seem to have so many wonderfully talented people in our WNY fly fishing community. What a blessing!

Someday soon I plan to add one of his nets to my ever growing collection of fly fishing gear. A net that will truly be as unique and beautiful as the fish it will hold. But I fear that may have to wait a little bit…..at least until winter decides to find a new home.

Make sure to check out his work with the link above.

See you on the stream.


StreamWalker Nets said...

A great day it was. Any day in the water is a good one in my book. Perhaps next time I will get one to the net myself.

bfly said...

Sounds like a plan to me!