Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mid-Summer Fly fishing

Jonathan works the head of a long pool.
A nice BC largemouth for Katie.
We are now, slowly, working our way toward the back end of summer. And just like this spring, the constant rain has kept our streams running high and cool.

Once again, we look for little weather windows of opportunity to put fly too water.

The fishing, in-between all the rain, has been really good. At least for this group of anglers as we did our best to find some willing warm water fish in the early part of the summer.

Black creek continues to be one of our best locations to catch fish on a fly! Even when we have fished it during high and stained water.

Its close proximity, easy access, easy wading, variety of fish species and numbers of fish make it an easy choice for us as a family. Mix in the potential for a few really good sized fish here and there and you can understand why it is one of our “go to” places to fish.

We caught plenty of sunfish, blue gill, crappie, rock bass, smallmouth and largemouth bass. And when you add in the occasional carp, it made for a few really great days on the water.
Jonathan with a nice BC smallie

One of the better crappie
Ethan does battle with a large carp
18" inch smallmouth that ate a large streamer
Katie releases a large BC carp
Our panfish and small bass where caught on olive nymphs and small buggers, while most of the larger fish ate the many streamer variations we worked along the bottom and actively fished through the faster water.

It’s been a few weeks since our last fishing excursion, and we are eager to get back out there. Hopefully we can get out again soon.....that is, if we can find a little weather window.

See you on the stream!


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