Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sandy Creek Part 2

I thought I would post some more photos from the October 11th trip, since it was such a success. And included are a few photos from Bob and Jessie's stint at Oak Orchard creek. Plus, I've included a report from today's little scouting trip. Hope you enjoy!

Ethan and I went to Sandy today. We stopped at the rt.19 bridges and saw plenty of cars, so we drove upstream to the next bridge....more cars. So we kept driving up until we hit church street. There were only two vehicles here so we got out and geared up. Got to the bridge and looked down into the water just beneath the bridge and saw a nice big male chinook. We walked down and saw more fish moving upstream from below. We tried for a little while to get two salmon to take our fly below the bridge, but they weren't cooperating. A walk downstream revealed more fish holding here and there and we managed to hook a nice female. We fought her for a couple minutes and 3 guys from down below came up and helped me land her. These guys had three fish a piece on their stringers. I asked if they would take a photo for me with the fish and Ethan, as I have never had a photo with Ethan and me together yet! And you know what?....no camera, I left in the car. Oh well, that's the way it goes. Any way, we need rain!!!! still low and clear even up at church street were there are some decent runs and holes. Lots of people around too! I think once the hunting season starts it will become a little less crowded. I hope!

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