Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fly Fishing, NY Magazine

With all the vast amount of spare time that I have(not really), I often become creative. Sometimes I paint, sometimes I play my guitar, sometimes I tie flies and sometimes I read. I kind of go through a transformation from average every day dad into a relaxed somewhat catatonic state of artistic expression. Now please don't get this confused with some sort of 60's hippie thing cause it's not! It stems more from a need to do what I was made to do, be creative. It's in my blood. And if I go too long with out releasing that creative spirit I become unresponsive and my eyes glaze over. And if you think that is being a little overly dramatic, just ask my wife.

So what do I spend some of my free time doing? Why I create fictitious magazine covers of course. Wouldn't you? And if you could, you would find pictures of friends and place their mugs on the cover with large fish, or making a nice cast or perhaps with a fish on! The point is, you can't do a project like this and put yourself on the cover. It would look....well, self centered I guess would be the nicest description. Plus you want to make your friends look good so they will go fishing with you. Besides, who is going to take a photo of me with an obscenely large fish. I can't do it myself(trust me I've tried.) Not to mention the opportunity to take a photo of me falling in the stream. And I have fallen on many occasions.

The point I am trying to make here, is I can't just sit around and watch T.V. all day. I need to do something that gets those gears in my head turning. And yes a few of the gears are missing some teeth, but we can discuss that topic when I see you on the stream. Until then, enjoy some future cover designs of the NEW! Fly Fishing New York magazine.


Luke C said...

great job... this is creativity at it's best! You need a page though, self-centered or not. Can I pre-order my subscription?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bri! Love those covers! Creativity at its best! -Amy