Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oatka & Spring creek

"I'm thinking Spring creek and the Oatka" the e-mail read. Luke had sent me a short message on the details of his next fly fishing trip. He also said he was giving the tribs a break, and that Jessie would be meeting up with him in the afternoon at the Oatka.

The only problem I had with reading this message was, I could not go. I always enjoy fishing with these guys, as I do with all my fishy friends, but I couldn't go....but you already knew that!

Any way, spring creek fished really well I was told. "I think I landed over 12 at spring creek" was not something I wanted to read, especially when I wasn't there. Plus he missed another half dozen or so. These are things you hate to hear from friends when you can't join them for a day on the water. At least it's better than the times Bob would call me while I was at work saying he has a big steelhead on the line. To make matters worse, I could hear the running water in the background as he fought his fish.

Luke then headed to Oatka to meet Jessie. They fished for a while each hooking a good number of trout, but were only able to bring a few to the net. As always they do a great job of not only finding fish, but figuring out what the trout want to eat, and they feed it to them!

And even though I could not go, it was a blast to hear what I missed out on. Someday I will get them all back...ha ha ha! But, I would rather go with them!

Oh yeah! They used small nymphs of course. If you want the pattern just look at what's stuck in the mouth of the trout in the photos.

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