Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Steelhead!!

It just doesn't get any better than this. A beautiful spring in which we have had nice weather and plenty of water for our Lake Ontario tributaries. This has given us excellent conditions for steelhead fishing!!

This past weekend some friends of mine hit up a local trib and landed 6 out of 8 fish they hooked. A mix of both female and male steelhead ranging from 20" inches or so up to 10 lbs. And that was just a half day trip. Check Jessie's page here. And Luke's page here for photos from their day!

Today I hit up the same trib for about an hour. And the fishing was still hot! The first half hour was crazy! I didn't drift 10 minutes before the first fish took my indicator under. She was a nice female of about 5 lbs. that jumped four or five times before I could beach her. And then, not five or ten minutes later I was into another fish that pulled the rod right out of my hand. After picking my rod out of the stream, I chased a big male steelhead downstream. Way downstream! Then after a long ten minutes, I finally beached the 33" monster. I took a short break and went back to the same spot where I hooked and lost one more fish before I moved downstream to a nice run. I took maybe two or three drifts in that run before my indicator dipped and I was into my last fish of the day. This fish was like the first. It jumped a few times and ran all over the run before I could slide the 5lb. male onto shore.

What a great morning. I wish this could go on for a few more months, but in reality I will be lucky to have another week or two out here in the western part of the state.

I hope you all can get out for some spring steelhead. Now's the time to go and It's been great so far!

All fish were caught dead drifting woolly buggers under an indicator. Dark colors were the ticket. All fish were caught on olive or black.


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