Thursday, April 16, 2009

One more for the road!

Okay....this is it for my steelhead adventures for this spring. I promise! Next time I will blog on the inland trout streams.

Unless, we get some really cold weather and rain this next week. Then I may have to reconsider my options. I mean come on!! The fishing has been way too hot for me to just pass up a steelhead or two! Right?

Anyway, I hit up Sandy creek in Hamlin, NY again. And just like on Tuesday, it did not take long for me to get into my first fish of the morning. In fact I was midway through my second drift in a nice deep run when the indicator dipped and I set up on a nice fish. But, after a few nice big head shakes the fish threw the fly. I then checked my hook and worked my way down into a pool section that has produced a lot of fish for me and my friends this spring. And after another 10 minutes I had hooked my second fish of the morning. This fish put on an awesome display of leaping ability and strength. And after 5 minutes of tug of war, I finally gained the upper hand and landed a nice fresh male steelhead of about 7lbs.

The last half an hour was slow. I hooked just one more steelhead. It was a nice sized male that was darker in color. But like the first fish of the morning, he broke free. I then stood there for a moment and wondered if this was the end of a what has been a fantastic spring steelhead season.

If it is....I'm okay with that! I was able to enjoy one of the better spring steelhead runs in a long time. And even better, I was able to spend that time with my son and my friends!

I have been blessed. No doubt about it!


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