Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More late summer trout

Summer in WNY has now slowed to a crawl, it has moved into the far right lane to allow the fall to move past it in the left passing lane. This also seems to be the case with our fishing conditions, as the inland trout fishing seems to be slowing down, as our tributary season is just starting to get underway. In fact, just to the north of us, the Salmon River has been experiencing it's annual run of Chinook, Coho, Brown trout and Steelhead for the past few weeks. We are not so fortunate...at least not yet!

In the mean time we have passed our time by catching what we can in our inland trout streams. Fishing has been a little on the tough side, but we are still finding a few fish willing to take a fly. The trout have switched off of the small midge patterns of late summer, and we have struggled to find a "go to" pattern. This means we have had to switch patterns frequently, and therefore have caught fish on at least a half dozen different flies.

These late summer excursions have been a lot of fun, mainly because they have included the kids. Jonathan has just about mastered dead drifting a nymph, and has enjoyed great success because of it. The other kids are content with helping net the fish and releasing them, and on occasion reeling them in. I have also had the pleasure of being joined by one of my good friends Lucas Carroll and his daughter for several of these inland adventures. It is always a good thing to have someone to bounce ideas off of, especially when you are trying to figure out witch flies will work. If you would like to view some other photos from our time on the water you can visit Lucas' flickr page and blog pages...well worth the visit!!!

We have put our time in, and we have been rewarded for it! Many wonderful fish have been caught and I think we are now ready for the fall trib season, were fish are measured in pounds...not inches!

See you on the water....

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