Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall trib season is here!

It's now mid October and the fish are running in all the WNY tributaries. It has taken a little while to get to this point, but it is normal for this part of the state.
Several of my friends have already had great outings in which they have caught both good numbers of lake run trout and salmon. And although I have yet to get into fish like that, I have still managed to hold my own with a few nice Chinook salmon to the net.
This weekend I will be playing host and guide to my Dad and brother, and I can only hope that we can get into a good run of fish for ourselves. We will have the whole day which will allow us to move around and find fish. This is the key to success when trib fishing because the fish are always on the move. One day they will be there, and the other they will be gone, making their way further upstream as each day goes by. Sure you can find fish here and there, but to catch a run is the best way to assure yourself a chance at landing several of these overgrown salmon and trout. It is a task that is easy to understand, but much harder to do...unless you have lots of time to find fish!
So with that said - I hope you enjoy the photos I have taken so far, and check back in the near future for a family fishing trip update.

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