Friday, October 29, 2010

Ethan's wins at Fishykid

My good friend Lucas Carroll led me to a great fly fishing website for kids called fishykid. It is designed for kids and parents who take their kids fly fishing. But it also provides a forum for parents and their kids to work together on their skills as anglers, share photos, and promote the world of fly fishing together. And isn't that what fishing is all about? Bringing people together - and more importantly families!!!

I have been a regular visitor at the site for a while now, and have entered each child into a fish catching contest. I provided the photos for the warm water fish contest, and wouldn't you know it...Ethan won a great prize pack!

So here are a few photos of Ethan enjoying his prizes from fishykid, and if you have the time, please go and check them out at's worth it!!

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