Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ethan and his first lake run brown

The title of the blog really tells the story. In fact, if I left it as is with a few photos thrown in, we would be good...right?

Well, maybe.

We had a few hours to search out some lake run trout last week. So we made the drive and met up with Michael Simmons of Guys, Flies & Pies fame to see if we could get into a few fish. Ethan and I didn't have very long so we got right to it.

Ethan had a new spin cast rod from a recent birthday to try out with a new floating stick bait to get wet. Mike used a bass popper for the first ten or fifteen minutes - I guess he has been dreaming of warmer weather and bass fishing lately, or maybe it was due to the fact that he has been spending way to much time at the vise tying up bass bugs.

And lastly - I worked a large rabbit strip streamer in hopes of getting a good fish on the swing.

It didn't take too long and Ethan gave out a yell that he had gotten into a fish. We rushed down to see him leaning back into a bent rod reeling like crazy. This is what I was hoping for! With a little coaching and some help from Mike, Ethan worked the fish into the shallows where I could put a net on her. What a great moment!! He was very happy, surprised, tired and ready for a break. But not before a few photos. Then we made sure the twenty five inch hen was ready...and we released her. Ethan was so excited and proud of his catch. Amazing! The day could have ended right then and I would have been just fine. But......

We still had some time left, so we got back to fishing. Ethan, who was now satisfied with the days catch, went to playing between Mike and I as we now tried to catch that first fish.

Ethan and I made our way down to a good run, and as I worked through course of the riffles swinging and stepping, I began to think of that "one more cast," when my line pulled tight and I felt the pull of my first lake run trout. It soon became apparent that this was a better than average fish. And when it began to run downstream, heading for a fall down, I pulled back with as much pressure as I thought I could get away with. With the ten foot eight inch seven weight switch rod bent to the cork, my last ditch effort paid off and the fish began to work into the shallows and eventually onto a gravel bar. She was big! In fact thirty inches big. My biggest fish of this new year. After another round of photos she went on her way, giving me a good shower as she left.

Ethan and I were now done. He was cold and I was satisfied I could keep up with him in the fish catching department. What an amazing afternoon. We left shortly after that, but not before handing Mike a whole bunch of streamers to try was the least I could do for his help in making that hour and a half so special. Thanks Mike for helping Ethan land that first lake run brown trout, and for taking some photos. Let's do it again soon!

Until next time....



Ethan was "tired"???? Haha. I bet he was...but, what an accomplishment at such an early age. Way to bring em' in! I'm wondering...does he want to catch smaller fish? I know where he can find some! Lol. I'm on my way out now...Ciao!

Will King said...

Unbelievable. Glad you didn't stop with just a few photos; I enjoyed the story behind them. Nice stuff!

bfly said...

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the read.