Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On a WNY swing!

I am happy to report that the fishing remains good!

Usually we have had to deal with frigged winter conditions...but not this year. The streams have been open and all the reports I have gotten so far have led me to believe that there are plenty of big lake run brown trout left along with the occasional fresh chrome steelhead. Or vice verse, depending on where you go.

And for those of you enjoy getting fish on the swing....well let me just tell's on!!! The big lake run brown trout can't refuse a big streamer. And those who are willing to walk are rewarded with plenty of great opportunities. The steelhead are there as well, but as spring approaches they will be more inclined to take flies that are dead drifted instead of on the swing, due to the up coming spring spawn. So for now it may be a good idea to pack both the big stuff, up to four inches or better, and a few smaller wet fly patterns for the steelhead. And when the spawn begins we will have to do the dance between egg patterns and streamers depending on where we fish and when.

And remember...high water is our friend not our enemy. So fish accordingly and enjoy every minute you get to be on the stream!!!!



I'm wondering if you enjoy the winter fishing more than the summer season!! You sure do catch some beautiful steelies.

bfly said...

RD - You make a great point. But I have to admit that anytime I get on the water is special for me.