Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oatka Creek Trout Goodies!

Sulphur nymph in a size #16

Taking stream samples can be a challenging endeavor to say the least. For starters you have to make the decision that you aren’t going to fish for a set period of time and that is and has always been extremely hard for me to do. I would rather spend my time fishing. The other part of this whole experience is in making sure you have all your gear together to make the most out of the time you set aside from fishing. And believe me, taking a little extra time to make sure that you have the right stuff makes the job go by much faster and in the long run allow you to enjoy the process. Besides, there is a whole lot of great information that you can gain from taking stream samples - Information that will provide you with better flies to match the hatch with, where to fish those flies, and lastly how to fish them.

Hendrickson nymph in a size #14
I have always used a trout net with a fine mesh bag to collect my samples. But that has changed recently as I have ruined my net in doing so. It doesn’t take long to wear down the polyurethane coating on the wood when you’re jamming the net into the bottom of the stream while kicking up rocks which then in turn ruins the wood.

So this year I have fashioned a make shift seine of my own based on one that a good friend of mine Lucas Carroll first made several years back. He used fine white mesh to make his. In fact he said it was material that one would use to make a wedding veil. Can you imagine the looks he got in the fabric store that day!!! He then took that material and fashioned it to two wooden dowels with duct tape. This would allow him to roll the seine up and stuff it into a pack with ease. And the cost was very minimal.

Golden Stone - Size #8-#10
This makeshift seine has worked very well and is very easy to use. You can plant those posts into the stream bottom and kick up a few feet of bottom with a good two to three feet of mesh capturing everything.

I will be back to the stream soon with seine in tow, and work different sections of the stream to see what those sections might turn up.

In the mean time, enjoy these photos of just some of the aquatic goodies I found on my home waters of Oatka Creek.

Tiny Sulphur nymph - #24
March Brown nymph - #12

Hendrickson nymph - #16

Caddis Larve - #12

Here is the seine I made. I have added some duct tape along the bottom of the veil material to add some support.

We are starting to see good numbers of Hendricksons coming off with some really encouraging reports of fish looking up. Time to get out there and fish!


Dale Lagon said...

Nice bfly, now I know what to tie for Sunday!

bfly said...

Thank's Dale. I hope Sunday will be good for you. The Hendricksons should be going strong now.

cjtalbot said...

Great article and photos. Appreciate all the effort it must have took to produce those.

I've been fishing Oatka for years and I've never seen caddis larva as vivid as the one you captured.


bfly said...

cjtalbot - Thanks for the visit and the comment. It's hard to take time away from fishing to get some good photos, but it's something I have been working at.

See you on the stream!

Unknown said...

Just came across this article. Absolutely amazing work!

Unknown said...

Just came across this article. Absolutely amazing work!