Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Fishing & Lots of Rain

A gnarly looking dude that couldn't lay off a #14 OS

Up until this past week there has been some pretty good fishing to be had around WNY. Not that I have been able to get out mind you, but I have seen the photos and read the reports.

Bigger tributaries to Lake Ontario, like Oak Orchard creek were still fishing well even with the low water. The smaller tribs have been a little tougher, but there are still fish to be found. Even the inland trout streams were in prime shape. That is until the incredibly large amount of rain we received over the past three days which has raised many local water ways to near flood stage.

This will put the fishing off for a while. So in the mean time I will post some photos from some of the late winter/early spring fish I was able to tempt with a fly, when I had the opportunity to do so - Photos that include an epic day on one of my favorites - Oatka creek, and a local trib.

I hope everyone can find a little time to get out this spring and enjoy a little fly fishing adventure.

If we don't get any more rain, and things start to dry out, we should see streams come down to a good fishable level at the end of next week.

Remember our first good mayfly hatch of the spring is almost upon us - Bring on the Hendricksons!
Another inland wild brown with the fly of the day - #14 OS
A nice 26-27" drop back steelhead ready for release.

A very colorful drop back female lake run brown trout.