Monday, February 3, 2014

February Fly Fishing/Tying Events

James Kinglsey works on a fly pattern at last years Guys, Flies & Pies
Anyone who has at least a small interest in learning anything about fly fishing should be looking for any opportunity to get involved during the winter months. It is a time when most guides, fly tiers, and other professionals in the sport work on other endeavors that do not include stalking fish. Meaning, they spend more of their time doing shows, lectures, fly tying classes and providing their expertise at other venues to try and lure others into our glorious sport of fly fishing. It is the time to gain some knowledge from those who fish their favorite water and have learned a thing or two….or three over the years to make them very successful , and we have quite the line-up coming up in February.
First on the docket is the Fly Fisher’s Workshop on February 8th at the 12 corners middle school in Brighton, NY. It is an event that Craig Dennison of puts on every other year to promote the sport of fly fishing to everyone who wants to learn, and there are plenty of great speakers who can provide knowledge to anyone from novice to expert in their pursuit of fish on the fly. And if that doesn’t get you fired up, then maybe a whole bunch of really amazing door prizes will – Check out the link here!
Even though I will be unable to attend this year, I am honored to be able to donate a piece of my original art work for the raffle to benefit this wonderful event.
Then it’s time to prepare for Guys, Flies & Pies - Rochester’s premier fly tying party at Michael Simmons’ house…uh…I mean at the beach house at 180 Beach Avenue, Rochester, NY on February 22nd. Come and join us for plenty of pizza, fly tying and lots of fish tales. And with another round of fabulous door prizes, this should be another event that requires your full attention. And again I am honored to be able to donate another piece of art for this event as well.
Painting for GFP

Painting for the Workshop
Both events are extremely well put together and also encourage kids to get involved. So please make sure to save these dates and bring the family.


Jessie Hollenbeck said...

Nice work Brian. The paintings look amazing!

bfly said...

Thanks Jessie!!! I'll see you at GFP.

bob streb said...

Hey Lads, just wanted to say thanks for posting, it's always nice to hear whats up in my old neck of the woods.I fled Rochester 10 years ago and I have been Guiding full time in Colorado since,the Tribs, Oatka, Spring Brook and some secret stuff is never far from my mind. LOve to come back and help out at one of these great events some year or possibly collaborate on some web stuff, let me know . Keep up the good work, check out my stuff when you have a chance.
Bob Streb

bfly said...

Thanks Bob! I will take a look at your stuff, and when you make that trip back make sure to make some time to fish.