Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring Scouting Trips

34 inches of death

During the last week of April I had the chance to scout a local stream for the up and coming warm water fly fishing season. And leading up to that weekend the water levels of many of our local WNY streams where starting to come into shape even with some recent rain.

Black Creek in Churchville, NY was still running a bit on the high side but the water clarity had improved drastically since my last visit. In fact it looked down right fishable! So I guess it was a good thing I brought my gear along with me just in case…heehee.

I did not anticipate a great hour of fishing, in fact I found myself daydreaming of tangled lines, lost flies to submerged boulders and trees, the constant task of trying a multitude of flies in the hopes of finding one that worked and in the end no fish to show for it. And even though early season scouting missions can and will often turn out like this; it is those few trips where you find a bit of fly fishing heaven that keeps you going.

And on this afternoon, for an hour, it was fantastic!

1 of 2 Largemouth Bass on the day
I did not catch a lot of fish, but the quality of what I caught made me realize that Black Creek should be fished earlier than when I usually go in early May.

Three fish came to hand - Two nice Largemouth Bass and a rather large and very thin thirty four inch Northern Pike. They all fell for a weighted number four rabbit strip streamer pattern. And just like in years past, the fish took the fly on the drop as I would lift and strip, lift and strip, lift and strip, lift, stop….fish on.

Scouting trips are usually those throwaway trips that you don’t really count. Sometimes you don’t even fish. As a busy father of three and Husband I have learned to appreciate any time I get to spend on the water – “Scouting trip” or not!

But I will say that some of the best fishing I have had, has come from those short little “scouting” trips.



Now wait a minute... I come over here to see some beautiful brown trout and I see a bass!!! Good enough. Glad you enjoyed your scouting.

Fishpainter said...

That was Spring. Now what's happening this Summer?