Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bass & Carp from Black Creek

Due to time constraints I have been only able to fish near my home these past few weeks. That means I haven't had the time to go and fish the Oatka or Spring creek for trout. And I am really hurting for some great trout action right about now. And even though I miss the trout fishing, I still have to take advantage of the opportunities that I do have. And that means fly fishing Black creek for now.

This morning I met James, a good friend of mine, for an hour and a half of fly fishing below the dam in Churchville, NY. I wanted to show him one of the spots that I have come to enjoy through the years. And even with the rain it turned out to be a good hour and a half.

We caught smallmouth bass and rock bass just below the dam, just like we have for the past few weeks. But today there was something else that caught our attention. Carp!! They were everywhere. Feeding near the shallows and kicking up mud trails with the tips of their tails sticking up just above the water. It almost reminded me of picking out redfish or bonefish in the saltwater flats. We took off the clouser minnow and put on a weighted crayfish pattern. Then we slowly moved into position and cast just above the fish and used small strips to get the fly near the fish. We couldn't see the take, just tension on the line. Fish On!! Line peeled of the reel and I handed my 8 weight to my 3 year old son Ethan. He played the fish for a while, letting the carp take out line, and then reeling it back in. And with a little coaching from Dad, he soon slid the carp on shore. I took a photo and he released the carp back into the water.

We then met up with James and walked to the East side of the creek near the dam. Here is where we saw at least a dozen or so carp moving in and out of the riffles below the dam. They were right in close, just a rod length or so away. I stripped out some line and began putting the fly in front of fish. A little twitch is all that it took and one of the carp swam forward and took the fly. Ethan again took the fly rod and played the fish well, but Dad had to step in and bring it to hand, as it was a bit bigger than the last one we landed. Now it was James' turn. I gave him some flies, including the same crayfish pattern I was using. And as he tied it on, the carp came back into the riffle section. Ethan and I had to leave, but we left James in a perfect spot to sight fish to some even bigger carp. I can't wait to hear his report later today! And thankyou James for taking a photo of me and Ethan together!!!!

And, I can't wait to get out there again for some carp on the fly!!!


Luke C said...

great report! looks like it was a great morning, and it is really cool to see Ethan battling the carp!

Anonymous said...

Ethan looks like he didn't want to let that carp go! Tell him way to go from Aunt Amy.