Thursday, May 7, 2009

More bass fishing

Well...with all this nice weather, it would be a shame not to take full advantage of it. So Katie, Ethan, and me went to a park in Spencerport that is great for just about anything. They have a couple of basketball courts, a skate board park, volleyball sand court, soccer fields, a football field, trails for walking, a few baseball fields, all season lodges and pavilions, and a pond. I'm sure that I'm missing something here, I just don't know what. Oh yeah....the most important thing, the giant play area for the kids. They have a big jungle gym with slides and climbing apparatus. There is also some mini climbing walls. And we can't forget the water park(sorry no slides, just things that spray lots of water.) I think that does it! At least I'm done talking about it. Needless to say the kids had a blast playing on the slides and climbing on the jungle gym.

For snack time we went over to the pond. The kids had some water and crackers while I set up the 4 weight fly rod. I began casting to lots of sunfish that appeared to be in spawning mode. You could see spawning beds all around the shallow areas, and the sunfish were very eager to hit a small peacock woolly bugger. Then the kids took some turns trying to cast and fish the fly rod all by themselves. And they did a great job! In fact Katie caught her first fish on the fly rod all by herself. A lot of fun to watch. She was very excited about her first solo catch!

We worked our way all around the pond casting to fish we could see and catching all kinds of really big sunfish and a few small largemouth bass. Both Katie and Ethan took turns reeling them in. It was my job to get them hooked up on the line.

It was a lot of fun to watch them enjoy fishing with Dad. I even got to watch them chase a big Canada goose around! Which brought back some memories of me chasing pigeons around.

Get out and fish!!! Or at least chase some birds around. Trust me it will be fun!


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Luke C said...

cute kids you got there. they are lucky to have such an awesome dad too!