Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oatka creek; April 24th

The Hendricksons have been coming off for a little while out here in western New York. But with this warmer weather this weekend, we should have some pretty big afternoon hatches.

This morning I met Luke at a favorite section of Oatka creek. We set ourselves up with double nymphing rigs and began to work some great looking water. We had #14 and #16 dark nymphs for the lead fly and small #22 black and brown midge larvae patterns as droppers.

Luke started fishing a flat section of water while I headed up to a favorite pool and run combo that we take fish out of all year long. And today was no different. I took three nice fish out of that section before heading downstream to fish with Luke.

And as the sun rose above the trees and started to warm the water in the flats section, the trout became very active. We took trout after trout on both the nymph and midge pattern. And to make it even more fantastic.....we were the only two people on the water!

Before I had to go for the morning, we worked our way downstream picking up a few fish here and there. But not like we did in that flat section of water. All in all a great morning of fishing.

With this nice warm weather we are having look for a really nice Hendrickson hatch this afternoon with a spinner fall in the evening. The dry fly action should be fantastic!!!


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