Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Erie canal; May 5th

Ethan and I fished a section of "wide water" along the Erie canal this morning for an hour. Fishing seemed slow at first with only a fish or two in the first half an hour. But after the sun started to warm the shallow water near the bank, the fishing seemed to turn on and we caught a good number of smallmouth bass and rock bass.

Today we were fishing clouser minnows and bead head rabbit strip streamers. The key was to cast along the shore line, then strip and raise your rod tip at the same time. Then let the fly fall to the bottom. Kind of a jigging action with a fly rod. All the fish took the fly on the fall. So when I went to pick up the fly off the bottom I would feel tension and set the hook.

This is a lot of fun on a fly rod. Working the shallow water slowly with a heavily weighted fly and picking up bass after bass while staying high and dry on land!

Most of the fish were in the 10" to 12" range with one fish that went 14". And that fish put a good bend in the 8 weight! A medium fast 9' 6 or 7 weight would work just fine. But if you wanted to throw some big flies out there an 8 weight is better!

Fishing is just great right now!!


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